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Delivering a soybean crushing plant to Saudi

PFN member, Central Oceans has delivered the first units for a new soybean crushing plant in Saudi this week and are looking forward to complete all deliveries timely over the course of the coming weeks.

The project team worked very hard on ensuring the safe turn-key transport of the equipment and executed as per the planning.

Central Oceans has carved out a niche for itself by offering industrial clients both standard and tailored transport solutions. Their solutions are not only faster and more efficient, but they also enable the transport of non-standard, abnormal cargoes to difficult or remote destinations.  Hands-on management team and highly experienced project personnel possess an in-depth understanding of the most challenging aspects of complex projects. Central Oceans is committed to the successful transport of your freight from origin to destination, including the initial plan, implementation and close monitoring of your cargo’s movements.


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