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SAL Offshore Is Closing Down

Shipping and project cargo firm SAL Heavy Lift has announced the closure of its SAL Offshore business unit, citing challenging market conditions.

The firm will close the division’s office in Delft in the Netherlands but continue to offer offshore installation services “based on scope and opportunity” via its DP2 vessel MV Lone and/or other vessels from its fleet.

Shipping line Harren & Partner recently acquired SAL Heavy Lift from Japanese parent group “K” Line.

The deal will see Bremen-based Harren & Partner take over SAL’s fleet of 15 heavy-lift vessels and worldwide network of offices and agencies in 25 countries. Harren & Partners already owns Combi Lift, which operates a fleet of heavy-lift ships as well as highly specialized semi-submersible dock ships.

Regarding the SAL Offshore business unit, the company said in a statement: “In the past years, the offshore market has been undergoing challenging times, facing significant reductions in projects worldwide. Such conditions have made it difficult for SAL Offshore to obtain a sustainable and profitable foothold in the market.”

Future offshore activities of SAL will be handled via its Marine Projects team based out of  offices in Hamburg. SAL Heavy Lift, operates a fleet of 13 heavy lift vessels with combined crane capacities up to 2000 tonnes.

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