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End-to-End Technology Solution with XELLZ

Using state of the art online IT technology and the latest in project logistics management processes, XELLZ says they can lower the total cost of project logistics with over 25% as well as offering 100% transparency across the entire project lifetime.

By making use of the latest in online Project Logistics Management technology combined with lean processes and stringent vetting of carriers, the project logistics of any project or heavy lift shipment fits seamlessly within the overall project management, making this the most operational and cost efficient model in the industry today.

It is exploring new technology innovations like Blockchain for its databases which is already in testing and the latest results have been very encouraging. Once applied the database has the most secure storage solution which is totally encrypted throughout the process. The global database is accessible a long time after projects have finalized and the data is being used for predictability studies. As far as Big Data as such, Bouwhuis says he does not believe this will be ver valuable for the project freight and logistics industry but more for normal logistics and transportation where applications can be very valuable.

XELLZ has been opening offices around the world and has not stopped doing this. By end of 2020 they envision to have 80 locations.

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