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PFN Network is Creating a Strong Community

When it comes to Heavy Lift & Project Freight networks, PFN is one that has been steadily growing in the past few years and bringing value to its members in different ways.

There are many network organizations out there but there are few that actually work for their members and creating some value. We have seen a grow of network companies in the last years and for most of them times are good. There are many freight forwarding companies out these that are willing to get into the project freight business and they will find a place in the many networks out there.

To become a member seems to be easier now then in the past where some exclusivity and expertise was necessary. To become a member nowadays is just a matter of paying the membership fees and you’re a member. This off course does not add any value for serious members and definitely not for the members that are waiting for some one to come with a shipment.

Good networking takes time and commitment of its members. They need to be working at the same level with similar experience which is what PFN is all about. PFN is an exclusive network of project freight forwarders that have earned their reputation in the past and that are capable of handling any type of project freight they came across. Working in such exclusive network makes live so much easier because of the trust that is being build up between members. Customers expect service and know how of project freight and this is what they get from working with an exclusive network that is working on a project IT platform between members.


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