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Project logistics is becoming digital

The Bremer Project Logistics Freight-Forum has been focusing on process optimization through digitization during the gathering on 15 January. The topic has been about how companies can implement this strategically.

When loading large, heavy industrial components and goods in general, which can no longer be stacked in a carton in a container, experience plays an important role – regardless of whether it is transported by rail, ship or truck. Nevertheless, it is also playing an increasingly important role in project logistics digitization.

The project logistics forum deals with the question of how much industry 4.0 is involved in project logistics.

Self-organized and end-to-end optimized processes are also entering the project logistics – this future scenario has been the motto for the specialist forum this year. For many logistics companies the question remains how to strategically address the digital future and on how strong the entrepreneurial compulsion is evident and reinventing itself.

Together with our logistics partners, we will exploit the potential for innovation that is offered in Bremen through the regional offers of the Digilab Distillery 4.0 and the logistics pilots,Even-though some very interesting innovating approaches have been implemented in the industry by a company called XELLZ, with the development of project logistics 4.0 business models.

In the Bremen area there is a initiative in which innovation, promotion of young talent and development take place in the regional area of ​​the maritime economy and logistics. Sven Hermann is the initiator and CEO of Logistics Guides which is about bringing practice and science closer together.

Theme on 15 January was the heavy goods shipping. For example, Ove Meyer, Managing Director of the Bremen shipping company Zeaborn, provided insights

Zeaborn logointo the construction of a heavy lift shipping company. The program was rounded off with an outlook on Breakbulk Europe – one of the leading trade fairs in the area of ​​heavy lift and project freight and logistics. It will take place for the first time in Bremen, Germany on May 29 to 31, 2018 . In addition, the international startup and student prize will be awarded for the first time. The award, endowed with € 10,000, will be presented by Hansa Meyer Global and ProLog Innovation for digital solutions in project logistics.

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