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World Economic Forum and Project Freight Industry

Headline economic indicators suggest the world is finally getting back on track after the global crisis that erupted 10 years ago. A broad-based pickup in GDP growth rates is under way, stock markets have never been higher and the world’s major central banks are cautiously preparing to unwind the exceptional policies of the post-crisis period.

However, this relatively upbeat picture masks numerous concerns. This has been the weakest post-recession recovery on record. Productivity growth remains puzzlingly weak. Investment growth has been subdued, and in developing economies it has slowed sharply since 2010. And in many countries the social and political fabric has been badly frayed by many years of stagnating real incomes.

We can see the same in the Heavy Lift & Project Logistics or the transportation and logistics as a whole where recovery is more a buzz discussion point than actual recovery. Projects are still behind what they should be and investments are not returning as fast as expected. There is one light point in the dark and that is the slow approach to the boiling point where we will see the recovery and where we will see capital injections into projects that have been idle for years as well as new projects. Its just that we were expecting this to happen sooner.

This and many other topics are on the schedule in this years World Economic Forum where industry leaders are meeting up to brainstorm and exchange ideas for further recovery. With logistics being a general challenge this year to even get to Davos due to the large amount of snow that has fallen, the Swiss again are doing everything in their ability to clear raods and rail tracks to make this WEF2018 possible.

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