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HHLA Rebranding Polzug

Polzug Intermodal in Georgia was taken over by a subsidiary in February and now operates under the new name “HHLA Project Logistics”.

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The company offers specialist transport solutions for the entire Caucasus region and neighboring areas of central Asia, including Afghanistan, dealing with heavy and oversized loads and unique requirements every day. The company specializes in all stages of handling project cargo, particularly on behalf of international and local haulage firms. HHLA Project Logistics has its headquarters in the Georgian seaport of Poti. It operates additional branches in Tbilisi (Georgia) and Baku (Azerbaijan).

“Georgia and the Port of Poti have always been a hub on the ancient Silk Road”, says Managing Director Korneli Korchilava. “Over the coming years, we will focus on making a key logistical contribution to the ‘New Silk Road’ project.”

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