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HeavyLift.News New Tools

HeavyLift.News is looking out for its readers and for that reason we have created a few new sections on our website.

Aircraft Availability

Aircraft availability is a very valuable tool as it will show the up-to-date availability of HeavyLift Aircrafts like the Antonov-124. The In service is provided by XELLZ Air Charter Services and is being updated as soon as schedules change.

It’s a dynamic application that we have integrated into our website.

The tool offers the possibility to see the schedules but also the Aircraft specifications. All schedules are based on the most premium airlines even though the picture shows XELLZ branded planes.

Direct access to the request tool is easy to use and will guide you through the information steps essential to provide a proper quotation.

Feel free to try and see what happens if you make a request.


Live Vessel Trackiing

Another useful application integrated into the HLN website is the live vessel tracking.

The tool will allow you to see the vessel you are trying to track in real live map overview.

Make a selection in the “layers” to select the type of vessel, place the name of the port or vessel in the search option and see where it is in the world.

Live Vessel Tracking you are also able to track river barges which makes this a total tracking tool that provides information on every type and level.

World Clock

Last but not least we have also added a World Clock for you convenience.

Are you looking for different international times for conference calls or otherwise? You can select up to 3 times around the world and have them displayed for reference.





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