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Heavy Lift & Project Leadership Summit Date Change

The organizers of the Heavy Lift & Project Logistics Leadership Summit have changed their dates from initially holding the event in September 10 & 11 to February 6 & 7 2019.Ronde Lutherse Kerk 2482.jpg

iBrabble believes that the week of September where it had earlier organized the event turned out not to be the best timing. There is another event related to project cargo in the same week which is being held in Rotterdam as well as one in the port of Antwerp with simular topics.

According to the events director, Mrs. Amanda Labee, iBrabble feels the new timing is so much better from different reasons, many of the topics of the summit are good to have at the beginning of the year and secondly we believe that this is great timing for travelling ahead of the busy times.

The Heavy Lift & Project Logistics Leadership Summit shall be an annual event and we have decided to keep the timing beginning of the year for years to come, according to Mrs. Labee.

Right now there are many topics and speakers being lined up for this event. Speakers from the industry, shippers side, technology side as well as the financial side with topics as project finance which is a new topic now that crypto-currencies are going to play an important role as of next year.

Tickets can be ordered online as of June and will cost @ Eur.255 for the 2 day event. Early-bird discounts are available between June and end of September with 10% off each ticket. The venue is in the Amsterdam “Sonesta Koepel” which has a wide history in the city of Amsterdam and dates back to its opening in 1671.



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