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Mammoet partners with PortXL

Dutch heavy lift specialist Mammoet has signed an agreement to join the world’s first port and maritime industry start-up accelerator, PortXL.

This partnership enables Mammoet to collaborate with established businesses and start-ups active in the maritime sector – working in energy, ports, refineries, shipping, and logistics. The end goal of PortXL is effect positive change within the maritime industry.  

Mammoet said that through the partnership its experts will be able to provide specialist support to entrepreneurs and maritime start-ups. In return, existing initiatives within Mammoet will benefit from the input of external specialists and entrepreneurs, the company claimed.

By opening up channels for mutually-beneficial collaboration, Mammoet believes the PortXL platform will provide a catalyst for growth, for both it as a company and the maritime sector as a whole.

Mammoet’s involvement with PortXL’s activities starts immediately. PortXL is located in Rotterdam, Singapore, and Antwerp, although technological breakthroughs will be sought from around the world.

“We are proud to join such a great platform as PortXL,” says Kirsten Bradley, director of business development at Mammoet Europe. “It will undoubtedly inspire us to develop further innovative solutions and bring new technologies and ideas to our business.”

“We are honored to welcome Mammoet among our partners and we hope that their invaluable contribution and expertise will help lift our programme towards new heights,” says PortXL managing director, Mare Straetmans.

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