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A Need For Project Logistics Training

There is a new wave of Project Freight Managers on its way and the project logistics industry is seeking ways to obtain proper training programs to educate their current and new personnel.

Companies are increasingly finding that proper training programs are not there or in very limited numbers. In the project freight and breakbulk industry, we have seen many companies trying to come up with programs but most of them are introduction courses and do not go very deep into the material. Most of them show what heavy lift is and how this is being lashed to a trailer. There is too much showing what we ship rather than planning and preparing on how to manage projects and project shipments.

Some network organizations, like PCN have created training programs online for people to take and mostly for its own members. PPG has an introductory course that is good but doesn’t touch the detailed level either.

iBrabble B.V., an Education & Media company is offering a program called Project Freight Management ‘from a shippers perspective’ which deals with a much deeper level of detail on planning, pricing. compliance, contracts, security and many more topics all packed in a one or two day program. iBrabble is conducting the one-day program at some of the Breakbulk Exhibitions, in Europe and North America and in the past also in China and Malaysia. Participants come mostly from the shippers (cargo owners) side but also project forwarders, liners, and terminal operators, who wish to get a more profound knowledge in the project freight management.

In the end, it is important to have many more programs out there and perhaps other companies need to come up with more detailed programs that are accessible to the industry.

Time will tell.


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