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Project Freight Management at the BreakBulk Americas

Last week the BreakBulk Americas held in Houston has been another great success for the organization reaching 500 visitors which is in line of the expectations and almost the same as the previous year. It is good to see that such an interest is shown by the Project 29960912096_632b13164c_kFreight and BreakBulk industry even in times of economic challenges.

The panel discussions where very well visited and received. One of them has been discussing the trend that people with senior expertise and know how are leaving companies and this is not good for the industry. More and more education will be needed to ensure that those that stay will be up to speed on the latest and are trained in different skills that this industry is known for.

Prior to the 2 day conference in Houston the BreakBulk organized a few training programs that are a great example of transferring expertise and experience. One of these programs is the Project Freight Management (a Shipper’s perspective) which is conducted by Peter Bouwhuis from iBrabble B.V. (Education & Events). The program had been attended by around 60 industry professionals where 85% was shippers and the rest Project Freight Forwarders and other related companies.

According to Peter Bouwhuis, people will take away a more profound understanding of what Project Freight Management is about and that topics like, project planning, price management, development of Project Execution Plans etc. are essential in the proper execution of the logistics projects that are linked to the overall project management.

iBrabble is planning to also extend the training into other regions other then where the BreakBulk has its conferences and will continue to offer in-house programs for companies.


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