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Aircraft Aivalability on the HeavyLift.News

A news web-channel is a good thing and we are and will be continuing bringing you the latest news that effects our industry. However we also believe that news alone is not sufficient and that it is equally important to keep you informed of any Aircraft availability in the Heavy Lift Aircraft industry and for that reason we are proud and privileged to introduce the “Ascreenhln1ircraft Availability” page where we show the very latest in availability.

It is important to know where and when Aircraft’s are available for the heavy lift and over-sized cargoes in order to see if the schedules of a project can be met. For that reason we have worked together with Volga-Dnepr and AirBridgeCargo to develop an active webpage that will bring the latest details at all times.

The page is like an app and has its own menu for you to navigate through in order to find what you are looking for. As a matter of fact, the page is build on the mobile application that Volga-Dnepr has developed for this very purpose together with iBrabble B.V. in The Netherlands.

The page can be found HERE



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