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A Need For Project Logistics Training

There is a new wave of Project Freight Managers on its way and the project logistics industry is seeking ways to obtain proper training programs to educate their current and new personnel. Companies are increasingly finding that proper training programs are not there or in very limited numbers. In the project freight

Project Freight and Logistics Training

We have seen many articles lately that are dedicated to the lack of expertise left in the project freight industry and where this is going for the near future. While many companies are offering training programs to the industry and shippers, very few are actually training for real expertise. We had a

Project Freight Management at the BreakBulk Americas

Last week the BreakBulk Americas held in Houston has been another great success for the organization reaching 500 visitors which is in line of the expectations and almost the same as the previous year. It is good to see that such an interest is shown by the Project Freight and

A Need To Safe The Project Freight Know How

The Project Freight industry is in need to collect its effort to keep the know how and expertise from slipping away was one of the main takeaways in the panel discussion of industry seniors. A panel of Shippers’ at the Breakbulk Americas was united in its concerns that the continued economic

Knowledge Preservation Strategies

Knowledge preservation strategies can keep senior employees' acquired wisdom from walking out the door when they retire. When retirees walk out the door, they take with them everything they've learned on their jobs. Their replacements must slowly regain the on-the-job knowledge the ex-employees spent years accruing. In the Project Freight industry where

New workshop launched at Breakbulk Europe 2016 in Antwerp.

This inaugural 2-day course was made up of 80% shippers, including Wärtsila, Andritz, GE, Shell and Fluor, complemented by freight forwarders and specialized transporters. Instructor Peter Bouwhuis from iBrabble B.V. (Education & Events) gives an overview of what is being taught and explains the importance of working as a team

Join Breakbulk’s newest training workshop for EPCs, cargo owners, freight forwarders and related service personnel

Project Freight Management - The Shippers' Perspective 23 - 24 May 08:00 - 17:00 Instructor: Peter Bouwhuis, iBrabble B.V. Education & Events Bouwhuis spent more than 34 years in the engineering and project freight industry. He is a certified customs broker and an expert in customs compliance and European VAT. This two-day course, designed for